New Hire Training

Monday I started my new job. So far it has been really intense. The training is the hardest Training I’ve ever had with any position. -And I’ve had a lot of jobs.

The atmosphere of the company though is something that I really like. It is a very proactive company, which it has to be with the nature of the work.

During training there are two tests. The Midterm and the Final. I took the midterm yesterday and the Final is upcoming Friday. In order to keep your job you must pass with at least 80% . Which would normally be no problem, however there is A LOT to remember. of course it is closed book. It makes sense since they want you prepared right out of training to start on the phones. Good thing training is 6 weeks.

I’m nervous about the final but If I keep up with the flashcards I should be OK.

This is the reason its been a while since I last did any entry, the new schedule though it is normal it differs so much from my old schedule it seems like there is so much less time!

But I am definitely excited for this new career path, and all it has to offer!!