New Hire Training

Monday I started my new job. So far it has been really intense. The training is the hardest Training I’ve ever had with any position. -And I’ve had a lot of jobs.

The atmosphere of the company though is something that I really like. It is a very proactive company, which it has to be with the nature of the work.

During training there are two tests. The Midterm and the Final. I took the midterm yesterday and the Final is upcoming Friday. In order to keep your job you must pass with at least 80% . Which would normally be no problem, however there is A LOT to remember. of course it is closed book. It makes sense since they want you prepared right out of training to start on the phones. Good thing training is 6 weeks.

I’m nervous about the final but If I keep up with the flashcards I should be OK.

This is the reason its been a while since I last did any entry, the new schedule though it is normal it differs so much from my old schedule it seems like there is so much less time!

But I am definitely excited for this new career path, and all it has to offer!!




The Start of Everything New

I‘ve decided to start this blog to share thoughts I have, dreams, and to exercise my ability to express. To possibly create a better way of communication in my life.

I’m about to start a new job in a week about which I am hoping is the launch of my career. I’m also going back to school in January which I will need some prep for, but i’m excited and Nervous and everything else in between that.

It’s a strange thing how life works and how the mind accepts things.- My husband and I are both older and will be graduating college much later than the average student around here. late 20’s may not seem like that big of a deal but for some reason it seems like two milestones too close together. Almost 30 and graduation.. but oh well the degree is most important for the knowledge self worth of attaining that degree and achieving what you’ve achieved in the time that you’ve been given.  Mike will be graduating in Computer Science in Spring 2018, and I’m not sure when i’ll be finishing up my school. As i’m still in the beginnings of it. so somewhere around age 30-32 i’m estimating? Considering how slow I will need to go with the challenges of some classes as well as working full time.

I changed my major to Business Management. I’m definitely nervous about some of the classes that will be required but I have more faith in myself than before hence changing my major even though it’s more difficult.

Some of my goals to continue to develop myself is to read books that I’ve never had the opportunity to read. Classics that most have read throughout high school or books that have become common knowledge.

I’ve decided to start reading them so I know more of what others know and honestly, after starting with the scarlet letter, how it is written -how the feelings of that time are described- its no wonder how books have helped shape a culture.

So that is pretty exciting, at first it was really difficult to read. I haven’t read a real book since before my mission I think. Mostly just self help books or random articles. It feels a little refreshing, like i’m doing my brain good. I feel like reading the well known books of the times will be a huge favor to myself developmentally.

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