Long Break

I recently got approved at work for some time off.  It has been a much needed opportunity. Things have been so crazy the last 4 years, running non stop 100 Miles per hour. Changes mentally and physically. Preparing mentally and financially for new changes as well, Like Michael graduating this fall semester. He is so busy, lots of projects and requirements he’s been working to meet- And he’s handling it like a champ! Every semester has a dip usually around finals of course but he is handling this one with enthusiasm and at a fast pace instead its pretty great to see. Either that or he’s gotten really good at hiding it lol.

This past year though has taken a huge toll on my mental health(and physical I guess I can say. 60+ lbs in 1 year). I figure it was worth a request for some time. I’m so glad it’s been approved and I can now take my additional 2 and a half weeks.

Lots of changes happening, personally some new things i’m going to be trying and doing.

The last 4 days I’ve finally starting to do things like I used to be able to. Things that have recently been diminished or non existent. Like cooking and cleaning, reading, doing things I always had enjoyed and always did but never have time anymore to do.

So I made a list of things I’ll be doing in this time off.

#1 Definitely purging all the unnecessary clutter and junk out of my house.

Work on some projects that I had started but never finished. Blankets etc.

I totally would be a minimalist if it were completely up to me. Mike and I have different relationships with items hanging around, or ideas of what to do with them. Example: Mike wants to fix everything, I however feel like if the receiver is broken and first/second attempt at fixing it was not working we should chuck it into the dumpster.

Mike got a book from his work at Christmas called essential-ism which I might want to read while chucking things.

Our old things that we never use, old laptops that parts haven’t yet been taken from- for the past 3 years, chances are its not gonna happen.

Clothes that I haven’t worn in 1-3 years still in my closet, shoes I never wear, decor I never use. its all taking up space and it makes me feel uptight.

Other things on this list are forcing myself to relax, read books, along with learning new things like Yoga which should be fun- hard I think, but it might be hugely beneficial to my current and future mental health.


I’m trying to focus on letting go of not just physical things but mental and emotional as well, because it’s not helping me any by holding onto thoughts that only give me grief or fear. -Which I am hoping is where the yoga will help. A super awesome friend on Saturday is showing me a place- I’m pretty stoked!

I feel like if I can acquire the habit of letting things go myself and my husband as well will be better off.

Anyway, Yesterday we did some barbecuing with some friends, it was great! -again something I in recent times would never do. Either because i’m too anxious to get it all together and invite people over or because i’m crazy busy. It was so nice not to have to think and just do it and enjoy! Also going to the gym since I’ve been off  has been super great. which reminds me i’ll be back on my super hangry blog giving updates as well as a log of my progress for myself but feel free to follow along. http://www.superhangry.wordpress.com

Other than all this I am just so glad the weather has gotten better! There really is nothing better in the mornings than having your windows wide open and hearing the birds. I love it! Spring and summer give SO much hope and so much relief I hope they are both as long as I felt the winter was this past year.

Anyway that’s it 🙂