I’m now on the train on my way to work. Thinking that I should take a minute to post. 

I’ve been trying to read a tale of two cities but it is so hard because every word is something I don’t understand hardly. I definitely want to read it but I may replace it with a different book first. As I have a whole stack next to my bed. All classics, waiting to be read. 

I’m so excited I set that goal for myself I feel like it is so important for me to do. To read books that I otherwise would have read had I been through high school.

Work is going well, home life is really good too!

I’m learning to control my binge eating habits which has been such a great feeling! Hopefully it will result in some weight loss.

Life is great! 

Saturday we saw the stained glass display at UVU. It is absolutely gorgeous and so worth seeing! I caught a few pic’s but nothing detailed just the display in general.

We didn’t even know about it we just saw it on our pokedate. (Pokemon go) and uvu has a lot of things and variety so…it was a nice surprise!!

That’s kind of it for now. Winter is cold but nice in its own way.  Christmas is coming which is always a great time of year. 🙂  I love it. Also here is a cute picture of dexter being adventurous under the tree 🙂 


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