Final,Family,Sleep,& Bangs.

Well, I passed the final!
I’ve been meaning to write that for weeks now.
I passed with a 97% all round.
The mentoring period at work is also coming to a close. We’ve been put out on the floor now to go at it alone. Kind of scary but I find comfort in the fact that they’re ok with me asking things if I’m unsure.

I’m really, really excited about this new challenge though! This work so far seems to be something that can always be worked on. I love the fact that they keep track of personal stats, I get so competitive with myself I really the challenge of improvement.

General conference was also last weekend. we enjoyed having the chance to listen this time around. I really liked the talk from Russel M. Nelson. A lot had also been mentioned by more than one speaker of the dangers of things that are found about our religion out of context. It was interesting.

Man, I should have blogged sooner. I’m realizing I do have a lot to tell!

I went to the doctor and it was revealed that I have Sleep Apnea. Which totally explains why I have been increasingly more and more tired. It also explains why I fall asleep randomly. ( which has been the most frustrating infuriating thing!) I have a sleep test scheduled that is coming up soon. The sleep test, My doctor said, will let them know how it needs to be resolved. my tongue and structure in my throat is blocking my air when I relax at night stopping my REM sleep. This sleep apnea can be resolved either through getting my tonsils out, a cpap machine, or Jaw Surgery. Part of me is hoping  maybe I can get my orthodontist and the sleep apnea people to team up and do the jaw surgery and get two birds with one stone lol. (since the Orthodontist keeps recommending jaw surgery.) My doctor recommended to keep going to the gym, as weight loss won’t do anything but help the situation. I’ll keep all that info updated.

Image result for sleep apnea
um?… Air please?

Another huge change, — I got bangs, which I haven’t had since second grade. I’m actually liking them, I haven’t found them to be as annoying as I had expected. It’s definitely a huge change! The first 24 hrs was kind of Identity Crisis-y for me. It’s out of character for me to do something drastic in that way on a spur of the moment thing. but its proven to be worth it! I feel really great!


This week we’ve also had the opportunity to visit with my cousin Kevin from the Netherlands. He’s come out for a few weeks to visit, I’m so glad that he did! I love that I feel that I can communicate with him. Especially in Dutch, all those that know me knew how uncomfortable I was with that language for the longest time. Probably the majority of my time in the Netherlands. But since that moment of acceptance that I posted about earlier, It definitely feels like a part of me. It’s not perfect, my accent definitely isn’t perfect, but I feel like I can be myself entirely. Which is so refreshing. there is no better feeling that feeling comfortable with yourself, in your skin.

Need to get the pictures Kevin took of him and I,  until then here Is Kevin with my Mom πŸ™‚

I love my family πŸ™‚

As for the rest, things are going good! Mike is pushing through school and work, It’s been a really rough semester. Unbelievable obstacles. But- one more year.. one more year..
He is doing so well. I am so proud of him!
He has been kind of hard on himself this semester. too hard on himself. Its difficult to watch that kind of self torture when on the other side I see all of the amazing things he does and am blown away by his capabilities!
I’m a really lucky wife. Really blessed with the man I got, how hard working he is. He really works to do the best at everything that is in front of him. I can’t say how much I admire it, or how it pushes me in my own sphere to do better.

I got’s an awesome husband πŸ™‚

The Husband ( man.. those eyes!)
And! The husband 3D printed me a rose πŸ™‚ with the printer he built… with his own hands. yeah,.. I’ll brag about it. He’s so awesome πŸ™‚

Well I think that’s all I currently have for an update.
Expect more in the next few days- Tomorrow, my 4 years home from my mission,                          Wednesday 7 years to the day since I met Michael πŸ™‚ such sweet memories!


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