The Final

Today is the final at work.

It will determine if I have a job or not. Sufficient to say, I’m nervous. I’ve been studying but I still expect there to be some shockers in the test that will derail my confidence. I fell asleep studying my flashcards yesterday, and dreamed about some of the terms and conditions so.. maybe it’s sticking in my memory?

However on the bright side of things, it’s Autumn!


The weather here has changed drastically the last couple of days. We even had a tornado up north in Weber County. I’m grateful I didn’t read of people being hurt. There has been so many people without power there though. And in Roosevelt a lot of Flooding. The night before last it went from silence to a complete downpour it was so loud it had startled me. It’s great for the desert we live in, I just hope if the weather keeps being as changing as it is, that we’re prepared.

I need to get some food storage in. It’s hard to do when you’re students but with this potential new income, (I say potential because i’m terrified I wont have a job after today.) It may be possible.

I don’t know if I’m just noticing natural disasters more now just because I’m choosing to be more aware or if they have increased in frequency and number.

so between all this, (And the Walking Dead)

we should probably get prepared. even if it’s one can, blanket, candle at a time.

Because you never really do know when it can happen without notice!



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